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Autorizzazioni utilizzo

SNIPER Technologies are developed to meet the needs of ski areas, Public Security Institutions and private companies, with the aim to guarantee high prevention standards in the difficult mountain areas. The missions handled with SNIPER System, indeed, allow to  clear the territories as early as the first snow accumulations, guaranteeing to people working in the mountain an environment totally free from dangers.

SNIPER: a System at the service of Prevention and Security

The main advantages of SNIPER mark products are the fast availability and the possibility to store the SNP25 explosive, the innovation of the technologies that composed the System, the ease of use and the immediacy of the results. However, it is necessary to underline that the operators which use this kind of technologies must first obtain a series of authorisations and certificates in order to be qualified to handle missions with the System. This means that people working in mountain environment with SNIPER are subjected to regulations, training and permits which are well defined, to ensure professionalism and high security standards.

The necessary permits

Both the Pilot and the Shooting Operator must have precise certificates to handle missions with SNIPER technologies. The former needs to have the UAV Pilot certificate with qualification for critical operations, released by flight school authorised by ENAC. The latter must have taken the exam for the assessment of the technical capacity for carrying out the activity as shotfirer and he must be in possession of the  certificate of competence. As an alternative, he must be in possession of the suitability to ignite fireworks released by the competent Prefecture after a specific exam.

Once the operators are trained as required and they have all the necessary permits, ATM Srl will activate the procedure to confirm the society as an operator enabled for critical operations of avalanche blasting, and it will handle the development of specific manuals where systems, roles and responsibilities are identified. Moreover, any mission must be duly registered and classified with specific log-books that must be completed anytime the UAV is put into operation.

In the same way the purchase, the use and the storage of the SNP25 pyrotechnic product are subject to a precise issuing permits, following the rules of the Ministry of the Interior, the police stations and the municipalities.

Attention, this does not mean that the procedure for using SNIPER Technologies is difficult, on the contrary, it is well articulated following precise rules and methods, so that all the process can be registered and monitored by the competent authorities. As a matter of fact, SNIPER Project has as its main goal the total security: both in mountain environment and in the use by the operators.

Inside this context, ATM Srl plays a central role, indeed it can be seen as a support, as well as reference point and efficient consultant to ensure that the authorization process takes place in exact times and terms for the future operators, facilitating them for all the process.

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