Professional course for Blasting Team training

It is offered annually in accordance with a schedule that includes three dates. Please contact us for any information.


One Team, two Professions

SNIPER ACADEMY is the professional training course organised by ATM Srl in which is set the right working procedure following the checklist shared between the two figures of UAV Pilot and Shooting Operator, in order to train jointly the Blasting Team. Every figure will study specific topics and themes with highly qualified teachers; then the two different professionals will meet up to participate to a demo of the blasting operation  using the drone with SNIPER System attached.



The complete training includes 2 days of lectures and a third day dedicated to individual customers. Our specialised technician will assist the Blasting Team, appropriately trained during the SNIPER ACADEMY, in the management of a complete blasting operation with UAV with SNIPER System attached, and will be available to analyze any topic and request to satisfy any needs of the participants.



At the end of the training all the teaching materials exposed during the lectures will be released to the participants, together with the Certificate of attendance and the nominal SNIPER Card, which allows the participants to access exclusive benefits, such as assistance and priority technical support, free or discounted participation at sector events, promotions on the products in the Online Shop and exclusive tutorial video; all this by accessing the specific reserved area of the website



For the figure of the Pilot, ATM Srl proposes a specific training in which analyze the technical features of SNIPER System, like composition, maintenance and use. Highly qualified teachers will explain the flight dynamics in the mountain, the main techniques to identify the blasting areas and the right procedures to do all the operations it total Safety. Please note that, to use SNIPER System, the Pilot must be in possession of the UAV Pilot Certificate with the Qualification for critical operations released by Schools authorized by ENAC.

Shooting Operator

During SNIPER Academy, the future Shooting Operators will analyze the technical features of SNP explosive, like categories, transport, storage and maintenance, with industry experts. Moreover, there will be lectures about the right procedures to identify the areas and the best shooting points to perform blasting missions in total Safety. Please note that to perform blasting and securing operation the Shooting Operator will have to take the Exam for the assessment of the technical capacity for the execution of explosives operator activity and to get the suitability certificate. As an alternative, it is necessary to have the suitability of fireworks lighting issued by the competent Prefecture after have made a specific exam.

Upcoming dates

SNIPER ACADEMY is offered annually, following a calendar that includes three dates.

Please contact us for all the information.

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