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The main causes of avalanches

SNIPER Technologies are specifically designed for security and prevention in mountain environment, a fascinating territory, but, at the same time, characterised by various dangers, among which stands out the one made up of avalanches. This phenomenon occurs because of the breaking of the snow cover, that makes a mass of snow or ice slip down […]

Our partners: Parente FIREWORKS

SNIPER Technologies are composed by: the specific UAV, designed to work in the mountain environment, SNIPER System and the exclusive pyrotechnical product SNP25. As regards the production of this particular kind of explosive, one-of-a-kind, ATM Srl has started an important production partnership with a company that is global leader in the sector: Parente Fireworks Srl. […]

Our Partners: LISKI Srl

SNIPER project, born in 2013, established important partnership and international collaborations right away. The development of technologies designed to reach new security and prevention standards in mountain environment, in fact, immediately attracted the interest of institutions and leading industry of the sector. Among the main partner of ATM Srl, designer of SNIPER Technologies, stands out […]

SNIPER Technologies’users

The mountain environment is characterised by many risks, so it is necessary that people working in the mountains do this in total safety. SNIPER Technologies, specifically designed for people working and acting in the mountains, are a valid and efficient solution to ensure high operational standards and shelter from dangers, and, at the same time, […]

SNP25 Explosive benefits

SNIPER technologies are characterized by many benefits, among which, in particular, the rapidity of intervention and the efficacy of results obtained. There are three branded SNIPER products: the UAV, the System and the SNP25 Explosive. A specific product SNP25 explosive is the pyrotechnical product specifically designed to work together with SNIPER System. It is an […]

SNIPER System presented at Interalpin 2017

SNIPER System will be presented at the international fair Interalpin for alpine technologies. ATM Srl is proud to announce its participation to the 22nd Interalpin international trade fair, that will take place at Innsbruck Congress Center from 26th to 28th April 2017. The fair Interalpin is the most popular international fair in the alpine sector, […]

SNIPER UAV benefits

Intervention speed and immediate results are among the benefits of using a UAV for the safety of the mountain environment. SNIPER technologies are made up of three products: SNIPER UAV, SNIPER System and SNP25 explosive, each of which has specific features and benefits that, together, allow the achievement of new safety standards in the complex […]

SNIPER Technologies advantages

Innovation in mountain Today the use of technology is fundamental to guarantee security in mountain, an environment in which there are many hidden dangers, often underestimated by the people who move inside it for work, sport, or just for hobby. The development of innovative products, such as GPS detector, weather applications and mapping and telemetry […]

Blasting and prevention

Basing on the data collected by AINEVA, the interregional association for snow and avalanches, in the 2015-2016 winter season in Italy there were 9 mortal accidents caused by avalanches, which caused 15 victims. This number is below the thirty-year average, from 1986 to 2016, in fact, the average of avalanche victims has almost always exceeded […]

SNIPER Project: technologies at the service of security

ATM Srl guarantees quality, innovation and continuous research in the field of new technologies. For years the company deals with developing ideas and advanced techniques in different areas, with the primary aim of implement and manage projects involving performing results and contribute to improve people’s lives thanks to the use of the most innovative technologies. […]