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Who can use SNIPER System?

SNIPER Technologies are developed to meet the needs of ski areas, Public Security Institutions and private companies, with the aim to guarantee high prevention standards in the difficult mountain areas. The missions handled with SNIPER System, indeed, allow to  clear the territories as early as the first snow accumulations, guaranteeing to people working in the […]

The main causes of avalanches

SNIPER Technologies are specifically designed for security and prevention in mountain environment, a fascinating territory, but, at the same time, characterised by various dangers, among which stands out the one made up of avalanches. This phenomenon occurs because of the breaking of the snow cover, that makes a mass of snow or ice slip down […]

Our Partners: LISKI Srl

SNIPER project, born in 2013, established important partnership and international collaborations right away. The development of technologies designed to reach new security and prevention standards in mountain environment, in fact, immediately attracted the interest of institutions and leading industry of the sector. Among the main partner of ATM Srl, designer of SNIPER Technologies, stands out […]

“Professione Montagna” talks about SNIPER Technologies

On the occasion of “Interalpin 2017”, the International event for mountain technologies that is held in Innsbruck every two years, that took place the last April, the specialist magazine “Professione Montagna” shown great interest in SNIPER Technologies. The journal, that represents one of the most complete and up-to-date collections about the entrepreneurial mountain world, dedicated […]

SNIPER Operators

Sniper technologies are designed for all those operators, like ski resorts, security institutions and private companies, that needs to secure in short times and with efficient and immediate results the territory where they work. SNIPER products are ideal for a prompt intervention that aims to recover the mountain environment from the first snowy accumulations, avoiding […]

SNP25 Explosive benefits

SNIPER technologies are characterized by many benefits, among which, in particular, the rapidity of intervention and the efficacy of results obtained. There are three branded SNIPER products: the UAV, the System and the SNP25 Explosive. A specific product SNP25 explosive is the pyrotechnical product specifically designed to work together with SNIPER System. It is an […]

SNIPER System presented at Interalpin 2017

SNIPER System will be presented at the international fair Interalpin for alpine technologies. ATM Srl is proud to announce its participation to the 22nd Interalpin international trade fair, that will take place at Innsbruck Congress Center from 26th to 28th April 2017. The fair Interalpin is the most popular international fair in the alpine sector, […]

SNIPER UAV benefits

Intervention speed and immediate results are among the benefits of using a UAV for the safety of the mountain environment. SNIPER technologies are made up of three products: SNIPER UAV, SNIPER System and SNP25 explosive, each of which has specific features and benefits that, together, allow the achievement of new safety standards in the complex […]

SNIPER Technologies advantages

Innovation in mountain Today the use of technology is fundamental to guarantee security in mountain, an environment in which there are many hidden dangers, often underestimated by the people who move inside it for work, sport, or just for hobby. The development of innovative products, such as GPS detector, weather applications and mapping and telemetry […]

Report of AINEVA course

It is ended the course organised by AINEVA for Operator and Assistant for artificial avalanche detachment, that has seen the presentation, in the past days, of SNIPER technologies and their applications in the field of securing of mountain environment. The course The current week has seen the completion of the AINEVA course for Operator and […]