SNIPER X and X4 Systems: a solution for every need!

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SNIPER TECHNOLOGY has developed two solutions for the revamping of fixed pulley or cableway installations: the SNIPER X and SNIPER X4 Systems.

The SNIPER X System is the very first product designed by SNIPER TECHNOLOGY and was born from the desire to create a lightweight payload for UAVs. However, the System immediately demonstrated its versatility and attracted the interest of the ski resorts wishing to apply it to their fixed pulley installations. The SNIPER X System allows the transport of one SNP25 charge and is particularly suitable for those who carry out reclamation operations for small areas with few fixed firing points.
By means of the SNIPER X System’s remote control, it is possible to track the movement of the charge and constantly check its position thanks to the camera, the GPS and the laser pointer.

The SNIPER X4 System, on the other hand, arises from the willingness to exploit the potential of the SNIPER X System and enhance its functionalities to meet the needs of the institutions that need to carry out extensive reclamations in a short time. The main feature of the SNIPER X4 System is in fact that of being able to simultaneously transport up to 4 SNP25charges, thus shortening the intervention timing in case of multiple firing points highly spaced from one another. Again, operators enjoys maximum operational control by managing the entire procedure thanks to the System’s innovative remote control.

SNIPER TECHNOLOGY’s Systems for fixed pulley and cableway installations represent a revamping opportunity for many ski resorts and governmental entities. Practical, efficient and sustainable, the SNIPER X and X4 Systemsexploit the most innovative mechatronic technologies to offer cutting-edge solutions to the daily challenges of mountain operators!

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