SNIPER Technology, SNIPER System

Today, technology is used in many areas of interest. A rapidly changing world asks for inventions and products in continuous upgrade, to respond promptly to the needs  of people and companies. SNIPER TECHNOLOGY is a cutting-edge project that sets as its primary aim the use of the most modern techniques in the field of prevention and security.

The technology at the bottom of SNIPER project has been studied with the precise intent to respond to the needs of people who work in mountain environment and have to move inside it in a totally safe way. Prevention is the fundamental concept around which develops research and continuous update of the technologies that compose the SNIPER products.

SNIPER TECHNOLOGY project was born in 2013 after depth studies in the snow world, a changing environment that always requires upgraded and cutting-edge solutions, especially in light of the fact that in the last few years avalanches have increased significantly, together with, as a consequence, the number of accidents and involved people.

The securing of roads, ski slopes, ski areas and the mountain environment in general is the primary aim that moves the research and development team of SNIPER technologies, which are composed by three products, each one with innovative and peculiar features, that make them particularly versatile and suitable to the use in the snow world.

  • UAV SNIPER is a latest generation drone, designed to work effectively, in a fast and safe way even at low temperatures and adverse climate in mountain environment.
  • SNIPER SYSTEM is the core of the project, composed by a focused set of technologies, that work together to get efficient, precise and immediate results. The system is the result of specific studies, carried out by a team of engineers that work to update constantly the technologies at the bottom of the project.
  • SNP25 explosive is a pyrotechnical product specifically designed for SNIPER system. The fast availability and the possibility to store it in high amounts make it the ideal product to work quickly and clear the mountain areas in a very short time.

The immediacy and the rapidity of intervention are the peculiar features that make the SNIPER TECHNOLOGY brand products to be one of the most efficient system in the field of security of the ski slopes and the mountain environment in general. The project was born with the primary aim to prevent accidents caused by avalanches, so the ideal recipients of SNIPER system are all the operators that work at the forefront in the field of security, like the Firefighters or the Civil Protection. Moreover, it is destined for the ski areas that need and want to keep their ski slopes at an optimum safety level, allowing their skiers and operators to move in total tranquillity and sheltered from all danger.

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