SNIPER FOX: Manual System for Avalanche Blasting

The use of the SNIPER FOX Manual System for Avalanche Blasting also allows small districts and rapid response agencies to operate immediately and in complete safety. Compared to other manual removal practices currently used, the SNIPER FOX System, thanks to the specific technologies developed, allows the operator to position himself in an area that is distant from the point of detachment and complete the mission in total safety.


The SNIPER FOX System for Manual Removal has been designed in response to specific characteristics such as reduced dimensions, lightness, strength and effectiveness, so as to meet the needs that arise during the operations. For this purpose, SNIPER FOX System is proposed in a practical rigid backpack that contains all the needed technologies and protects them from bad weather and typical criticalities of mountain environments.


The main advantage of SNIPER FOX System for Manual Removal lies in the fact that once the operator reaches the detachment area, he arranges the pyric charge in the correct point and then he can move away and observe the blast and its effects at a safe distance. Moreover, like all SNIPER Technologies, the FOX Manual Removal System also boasts the implementation of check-lists and automatic systems that guarantee maximum security of the operation.


The SNIPER FOX Manual Removal System allows the operator to intervene immediately, ensuring a clear reduction in the action time. Furthermore, the technical characteristics of the SNP25 charge are designed specifically for the use in conjunction with all SNIPER Systems. These features allow the possession of SNP25, so that the waiting time before the avalanche blasting is reduced.

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