The innovative System, efficient and flexible for the Prevention and Avalanche blasting.

SNIPER X System revolutionises the concept of prevention and human safeguard, allowing the operators to intervene fast on artificial avalanche blasting and on securing of the mountain environment. Among the many benefits of the System, we highlight the great precision, the total absence of environmental impact, the mapping with satellite coordinates, the use of technologically advanced products and a significant price reduction, both in the short- and in the long-term.


SNIPER X System has been designed by Atm S.r.l. to ensure a new operative way for safety and prevention from avalanches to ski areas, Security Institutions and companies. This System is applicable to mobile devices and it allows positioning the SNP 25 explosive charge in a precise point, ensuring in this way the maximum efficacy of intervention.


Security and communication set of SNIPER X System do not interfere at all with the devices on which it is installed. Moreover, the specific radio control gives the operator all the data he needs and it allows working in total safety throughout a series of consents.


The combined use of the UAV with SNIPER X System allows ski areas and mountain institutions to do an immediate intervention in case of necessity, ensuring a clear reduction of time for action. SNIPER System and the specific Drone are designed to allow the operator to intervene with rapidity, implicating great Prevention.

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