SNIPER X System is a set of technologies that respond in an innovative way to the need of prevention and safety from avalanche. It is an exclusive product, designed and developed with the precise intent to meet the needs of people who work in the mountain environment and their need to move in total safety.
The System is the result of years of design and tests carried out by a team of engineers who constantly works to reach the best level of technological efficiency.


For the combined use with SNIPER System has been developed the SNP explosive, a pyrotechnical product that offers all the benefits of membership category. Unlike the explosives commonly used to cause shock waves on the snow cover, SNP is reachable in short time, without complex authorisations. Moreover, SNP can be stocked in dedicated storage without Security risks, ensuring in this way the possibility of immediate intervention.

SNIPER X Applied to specific Sniper UAV

The Drone designed for combined use with SNIPER X System is a product that takes advantage from the most modern technologies in the UAV field – mapping, satellite guidance, video and infrared system – to allow ski areas and mountain Institutions to accomplish blasting operations from the ground, in total Security and quickly. The UAV proposed by  ATM S.r.l., developed by a team of engineers in partnership with the most important companies in the sector, is covered by European industrial monopoly.

SNIPER X System for pulley fixed

The use of SNIPER X System allows new life to fixed systems in the area. It provides a level of safety with a never seen before precision to mountain areas that are often difficult to reach by other means. The numerous advantages of the SNIPER X System include its level of accuracy even in critical weather conditions, the mapping with satellite coordinates, its ability to manage scheduled and recorded missions, the use of technologically advanced products as well as an important cost reduction thanks to the recovery of existing plants

SNIPER FOX: Manual System for Avalanche Blasting

The use of the SNIPER FOX Manual System for Avalanche Blasting also allows small districts and rapid response agencies to operate immediately and in complete safety. Compared to other manual removal practices currently used, the SNIPER FOX System, thanks to the specific technologies developed, allows the operator to position himself in an area that is distant from the point of detachment and complete the mission in total safety.


SNIPER Helibox has been created in response to the operators’ safety needs in the snow sector. The concept of safeguard on board the helicopter has been revolutionized, improving the effectiveness of avalanche blasting operations with traditional means.

Temporary Storage

To make the blasting operations immediate, thanks to the laws related to SNP product category, ATM S.r.l. has developed a specific Warehouse aimed  at the storage of the pyrotechnic product, so as to facilitate the direct use by ski areas and institutions to remove snow accumulations, that can cause dangerous Avalanches. Realised following specific laws and in respects of parameters to ensure the maximum Safety, the temporary Storage can hold up to 500 kg of SNP.

SNIPER X4 System

The SNIPER X4 System takes advantage of the potential of the SNIPER X System and enhances its functionalities to meet the needs of the ski resorts and governmental entities which need to carry out extensive remediation operations in a short time. The main feature of the SNIPER X4 System is in fact that of being able to transport up to 4 SNP25 pyrotechnic charges, thus shortening the intervention times in case of multiple firing points highly distanced from one another.