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SNIPER Technologies are composed by: the specific UAV, designed to work in the mountain environment, SNIPER System and the exclusive pyrotechnical product SNP25. As regards the production of this particular kind of explosive, one-of-a-kind, ATM Srl has started an important production partnership with a company that is global leader in the sector: Parente Fireworks Srl.

The company

Parente Fireworks company is located in Melara, in Veneto, since 1956, even if the Parente Family had already started its activity in the early ‘900, creating one of the biggest pyrotechnic factories in the South of Italy.  With the passing of the years the family company has grown more and more, specializing itself in the creation of pyrotechnical products and becoming world leader. One of its business branch deals with the creation of shows with fireworks; among the most important performances of the last few years we can mention the EXPO 2015 Closing Ceremony, the 50th Anniversary of Kuwait’s Constitution (inserted in the Guinness World Record as the biggest pyrotechnical show in the world) and the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic games in Turin in 2006, as well as world-class events and concerts.

The partnership with ATM Srl

ATM Srl, always looking for the most innovative products on the market to implement its technologies, addressed to the Venetian company to develop a specific explosive product for artificial avalanche blasting. From this collaboration between the two companies, that share the common aim of continuous research and innovation to reach new safety standards, the specific pyrotechnical product SNP25 was born. It is specifically dedicated to SNIPER Technologies. The partnership with Parente Fireworks is a source of particular pride for ATM Srl, as a matter of fact the company is global leader in the pyrotechnics sector, and the achievement of high quality standards as those of SNIPER System wouldn’t have been possible without the valuable contribution of the technicians and operators from Melara.

Security as main goal

Parente Fireworks and ATM Srl have designed an absolutely safe product, provided with systems that ensure an explosion totally under the control of the operator. SNP25 can be stocked also in big quantities with no need of complex authorisations and does not have sympathetic detonation. Safety is guaranteed for both the operators and the environment, since the product is totally biodegradable. ATM Srl and Parente Firewors are very proud to have designed and invented SNP, explosive product that ensures immediate interventions, high preventive standards and, as a consequence, high quality in snowy environment.

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