Carosello Tonale S.p.A. and SNIPER TECHNOLOGY: another year of innovation and safety

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As a new winter season begins, SNIPER TECHNOLOGY strengthens an prestigious partnership! The new version of the innovative SNIPER X has in fact been recently delivered to Carosello Tonale S.p.A., an historical user of the System, which will employ it to carry out avalanche triggering operations at the Presena glacier.

Thanks to a pulley system for the transport of explosive material, Carosello Tonale ski resort can take advantage of the functionalities of the SNIPER X System and complete remotely-controlled remediation operations in total safety. Like the model that preceded it, the new System allows the transport and remote deflagration of the pyrotechnic product SNP25, however, it also presents numerous upgrades and additional functions.

The first element of innovation is represented by the new remote control, a concentration of practicality and ergonomics that will make operations unprecedentedly easy for the employees of Carosello Tonale, thus guaranteeing high speed and ease of execution under all weather conditions. In addition, thanks new functions such as the pre-setting of GPS points and the distance measuring of the SNP25from the snowpack, operators can enjoy a degree of autonomy and safety never seen before, all while optimizing the System’s performances and reducing timing and costs.

The delivery of the new SNIPER X System to one of the most prestigious players on the local ski scene therefore certifies a precious partnership, which testifies to the customer-oriented spirit of SNIPER TECHNOLOGY. The duration of this valuable collaboration is synonymous with reliability and professionalism, two of the principles that guide the action of our company from product development to relations with customers.

Also this year, SNIPER TECHNOLOGY consolidated itself as a source of continuous innovation and as a reliable supplier of safe and efficient products for ski resorts and public entities!

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