A new product by SNIPER TECHNOLOGY: the SNIPER X4 System!

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Our range of products widens again! After the release of the revolutionary HELIBOX cabinet, SNIPER TECHNOLOGY has in fact recently released the brand new SNIPER X4 System, an authentic game-changer in the field of remotely-controlled avalanche triggering.

The use of the SNIPER X4 System allows the simultaneous transport of 4 SNP25 charges, giving new life to fixed pulley installations to reclaim mountain areas that are often difficult to reach by other means. Among the many features of the SNIPER X4 System, we highlight the high accuracy even under critical atmospheric conditions,  the geo-mapping capacity, the planning and recording of missions and the use of cutting-edge pyrotechnic products.

This new System has been developed after the SNIPER X System’s concept, the latest evolution in the field of avalanche release using fixed pulley installations. Thanks to the technologies of the SNIPER X4 System, operators can monitor and control the entire operation directly from the System’s remote control. On the remote control in fact, thanks to the joint action of the camera and the GPS device, it is possible to visualize the position of the System and the state of the slope before and after the deflagration of the charges. Before the operations, the operators can pre-set the GPS coordinates of the usual firing points. Therefore, during the reclamation activities, the remote control will communicate (both visually and via an acoustic signal) the proximity to these coordinates, so as to allow operators to halt the pulley system in perfect concomitance with the desired firing point. The System constantly measures the distance between the charge and the snow cover and detects when the former touches the ground so that operators can raise it up to the optimal deflagration point.

The development and birth of the SNIPER X4 System fits into a context of continuous innovation and certifies SNIPER TECHNOLOGY‘s ambition to consolidate itself as a reference player in the field of avalanche triggering by offering ad-hoc solutions for every need.

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