SNIPER Technologies allow the management of emergencies in a short time, allowing operators to intervene immediately and in total safety.
The concentration of innovative technologies, the easy availability of the explosive, the speed and the precision of intervention make SNIPER Technologies one of the most safe and avant-garde methods of avalanche blasting among those available to date, thus achieving new levels of prevention in the snow world.

Discover the full range of SNIPER Systems, which allow immediate implementation of blasting operations ensuring maximum safety for operators.


SNIPER Systems, the specific Drone and the exclusive explosive SNP25 – SNP25/A,  use the latest technologies to prevent and securing the areas prone to avalanche risk. Discover the details of the different elements that compose SNIPER Technologies


ATM Srl, thanks to its team of engineers and technicians who work in the specific business Unit SNIPER Technology and the Partnerships with the most important Italian institution in the sector, is able to offer total support to its customers.

SNIPER, the only certified system for Prevention and avalanche blasting by UAV


SNIPER project was born in response to the needs of snow sector’s operators. It allows the achievement of high safety standards combining various technologies in the hard mountain territory. Years of study, research and field trials have brought to the development of a cutting-edge systems that combines the most innovative technologies on the market. The union of the SNIPER X System, the UAV and the SNP25 charge allows getting the most important result: prevention and human lives safeguard.



    SNIPER Technologies completely revolutionise the ways of intervention and ensure unprecedented levels of Safety’s Operators. The use of innovative technologies add value to the image of ski area and to Institutions that employ the Systems. These Institutions can also rely on training and support services.


    SNIPER System Technologies represent a concentration of cutting-edge technologies that ensures precision and intervention speed. The efficacy of SNIPER X System is maximized by the use of SNP25 Pyrotechnical Product, which is made especially to optimize blasting operation’s results.


    Different SNIPER Systems, allow the operators to remediate the critical areas from a ground station placed in a secure position. Moreover, all products have been developed using systems that guarantee to manage the mission in total safety.


    The finding’s speed of SNP25 pyric and SNIPER System features make the operator to intervene immediately in case of critical snowy situations. Furthermore, the blasting operation follows well-defined and easy practices combining the use of SNIPER Systems with the pyric product SNP25.


    Compared to the conventional methods in use, SNIPER Systems and SNP25 pyric charge ensure a clear reduction in time and in costs of intervention. People who use them get an immediate economic return.


    SNIPER Technologies work with zero emissions and does not require the building of permanent structure that could deface the landscape. Moreover, the packaging of SNP25 charge is totally biodegradable.

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SNIPER Systems, designed appositely to guarantee optimal performances inside the complex mountain environment, allows the customers to perform an immediate intervention, like shown in the video. Codified and certified procedures allow people to conduct the operation in a totally safe way, cleaning the areas prone to avalanche risk and safeguarding firstly human lives and, as a consequence, structures and machineries.